“I do not hate. To hate is to let Hitler win.” #1716 Rena Kornreich

Oswiecim, Poland “I just shut the hotel room window because it was so cold outside. We have heat. We are tired and have traveled all day, but we have had dinner and wine, have duvets on our beds and heat in our rooms… I am shaking with the chill of exhaustion, but so much less than Rena and the other 998 girls felt. They were clearly tougher than I am, in body and spirit–such amazing strength. And to survive without bitterness and hatred? I am in awe once more.

Even though I sat beside Rena on her inner journey through 3 years and 41 days and I know this place and its history intimately through her eyes and voice and words, I am once more just a writer wondering how this amazing woman did all she did and did it with such grace.”  (Heather Dune Macadam, 25 March 2012)

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