160 in Auschwitz #Holocaust Sept 8, 1942: 930 men, women and children arrive from Westerbork, Holland

After the selection only 6 men (63089-63094) and 26 women (19210-19235) are admitted to camp–remember these “women” are all under the age of 24. There was a previous selection in Cosel, where up to 200 people might have been taken for slave labor (the records are not specific). We do know that 698 men, women and children were killed in the gas chambers–that number may have been closer to 898 though.

On Sept 6, 1942, Dr. Kremer is present for the gassing of 759-959 men, women and children, who arrived the 28th transport from Drancy, France. “He writes in his diary, ‘Evening at 8 o’clock, out again for a special operation.’” (Source: Czech 234-5)

Note: as the typhus epidemic continues and the camp fills, fewer and fewer people seem to be taken into camp at this point.

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