162 days in Auschwitz – 974 days to go – #Holocaust Sept 10, 1942: 124 boys, 114 girls, 322 women die in gas chambers

This is┬áthe 8th┬átransport from Malines, Belgium. Of the 1,000 Jews who arrive from Belgium, only 21 men and 64 women are registered in the camp–the 715 other people are killed. Dr. Kremer nots in his diary “Morning present at a special operation (5th time).” (Source: Czech 236)

It is important to note, that while I post this information 1-2 times per week, in fact at this point in 1942 the transports were a daily occurance. So tomorrow sees the 30th transport from France with another 1,000 people on it, and the records shows that 709 were killed in the gas chambers; on Sept 12, we see 620 killed from Belgium and on the 14 the 31st transport from France arrives… The Auschwitz Chronicle is 805 pages long.

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