175th Day in Auschwitz – 961 to go… Sept 23, 1942: 641 French men, women & children are killed in gas chambers

In addition to this transport from Pithiviers, France, a transport from Slovakia also arrived on Sept 23, 1942. The numbers killed of Slovakian Jews was not recorded, however; the only record of the transport is the number who were registered: 294 men given #65349-65348, and 67 women given, #20489-20555. Once again it should be noted that the records of Polish and Slovakian Jews differ in terms of accuracy, from those of the Belgium and French.

SS Camp Dr. Kremer notes in his diary: “Tonight at the 6th and 7th special operation” (ctd. in Czech 243)

The Commandant’s office is also informed that a transport from le Bourget-Drancy left at 8:55am for Auschwitz–on it is the brother of the former French Prime Minister, Leon Blum.

Czech, Danuta The Auschwitz Chronicle: 1939-1945 from the archives of the Auschwitz Memorial and the German Federal Archives. Henry Holt: NY (1989).

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