RIP Danka Kornreich Brandel #2779 on 2nd Transport to Auschwitz – Never Forget But Let There B Peace Now?

Danka Kornreich Brandel passed away in the presence of her beloved daughter and family earlier today, 21 November 2012.

You will see plenty of obituary notices but this is our blog site and what is in my heart tonight is the first time I met this amazing woman, who was such a polar opposite to her sister.  I had never had a chance to meet Danka until I was invited to a family reunion and caught a ride from NYC with Norman — Danka’s son — and the Brandel family. Danka and I sat in the back seat of the car and spoke quietly. She had a soft voice and seemed shy of me.  I was certainly shy of her–I knew so much about her, but had never met her. Norman cracked jokes and soon everyone in the car was laughing and warming to each other. Then as we were crossing the Bronx and quite out of the blue, Danka said, “Do you want to see it?”

At first I wasn’t sure what she meant, but she started to pull the quarter length sleeve up on her left arm. Norman looked in the rear view mirror and caught my eye. She was offering to show me her number. This is not something she did.

I could see where it had been scratched out and she was re-tattooed because Rena saw they had gotten her number wrong. I traced the numbers with my fingers and asked her if they still hurt. She nodded and took my hand. “It’s all right. Everything you wrote is right.”

We had just finished proofing the manuscript and given her a copy to review. Of all the critics who would review Rena’s Promise, Danka and Rena were the only critics I worried about. I had passed. We held hands the rest of the way to the family reunion. Little did I know it then, but they would indeed become family and we would spend many holidays together, especially Thanksgivings… (Tomorrow I will share another story)

Bless you all for caring for the sisters and carrying their story of hope and love to a world sorely in need of hope and love – and peace. Shalom, Heather Dune Macadam

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8 Responses to RIP Danka Kornreich Brandel #2779 on 2nd Transport to Auschwitz – Never Forget But Let There B Peace Now?

  1. Marla Berger says:

    Now the sisters are together again. G-d rest both their souls. We will never forget both of them.

  2. robert greenaway says:

    I feel devastated by the news of Danka passing away. My thoughts are with her family. Danka and Rena have changed my life for the better. I am humbled and inspired and will never forget them. I am going back to Auschwitz again next year to pay my respects to those two wonderful women and all those who suffered and should never be forgotten. I only hope that Danka and Rena both new just how much they are admired and loved by many many people throughout the World. Rest in peace xx

  3. Amy says:

    I called her “Grandma Dina”. Years ago, she came to one of the schools I taught in and told her incredible story. The students were truly moved. When Danka could no longer tell her story in person, I made sure to tell her story every year. It became part of the 8th grade English curriculum. Danka will never be gone and I will continue to tell her story. She was a soft-spoken gentle person who survived the most unimaginable horror. Rest in peace, “Grandma Dina”. You will always be an inspiration.

  4. Marilyn Hernandez says:

    I just finished the book of Rena and Danka’s experiences during the Holocaust. I wish I had known these two wonderful creations of God. I am a Christian who loves the Jewish people and will never forget the evil sinister deeds executed by the Nazi’s during the Holocaust or the horrible acts carried out on present day Israel. I maintain a longing to learn more of these experiences because it is remembering them that keeps them alive and ensures their story may prevent a repeat of history. My heart aches for both the survivors and those killed during the Holocaust. We shall never forget.

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