Jan 30 & 31, 1943 – 70 Yrs Ago – 975 children were killed in the gas chambers…

30 Jan 1943: “2,612 Polish Jews – men, women and 518 children under the age of 10–arrive in Auschwitz. After the selection 2,010 people, and 518 children are killed in the gas chambers.”

31 Jan 1942: These children are very likely the children Rena gave her account of “Hundreds of pairs of tiny children’s feet file past me and my sister and every woman in camp. Some of their little faces are buried in their toys, choking the stuffing out of these inanimate objects of comfort. The younger ones hold the older children’s hands. Their eyes stare at us big as saucers, lost as lambs. There is a tearful gasp somewhere deep inside our row….”

(Source: Czech 319)

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