70 Yrs Ago – August 1-31 1943

Rosa Böhmer. Just one of those murdered in Auschwitz in August 1943
photo: http://www.gelsenzentrum.de

August 1-31, 1943: Of the approximately 51,530 Jews who have arrived in camp on transports this month, 36,491 men, women and children have been killed in the gas chambers; 1,433 women have died in camp; 4,462 male prisoners and 498 female prisoners are reported to have been selected and killed in the gas chambers. (Source: Czech 476)

Earlier this month between Aug 1-3, 1943: 22,000 Polish Jews from Sosnowiec and Będzin ghettos arrive in 9 separate transports of 2-3,000 each–from each transport almost 200 men and 200 women are registered in camp. In addition, 2,553 French and Belgium Jews also arrive in camp; 55 women of these women are selectd by Dr. Clauberg for his experiments. In three days 17,614 men, women and children are killed in the gas chambers. (Source: Czech 452-4) *Rena writes about the elder women in camp in August 1943 – they were probably in camp during these three days and then sent to the gas.

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