Americans #BeKind to each other w/ #Randomactsofkindness today

In the wake of the election, protests by our young people, the growing fears of increased acts of racism and prejudice and the ever widening division between Americans, I challenge us to #BeKind and practice #Randomactsofkindness across the country today.

It’s not hard. All you have to do is slow down and look around you. Maybe you bring a protester a cup of coffee, maybe you ask someone who is crying what is wrong, maybe you give a blanket to a homeless person, or a ride to someone walking. All we have to do is take an action that comes from our hearts, take an action to come together and prevent this emotional and spiritual rupture from widening.

So, my act of kindness this morning was to help a young woman who was carrying two huge bags of screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-05-20-amlaundry down the road; I gave her a lift to her house. On election night, I gave a landscaper who had missed his bus a ride to his house–it was dark and cold and he was hitchhiking. It doesn’t matter what race or religion or economic background these people were, they are members of my community. Neighbors. Now friends.

If we can open our hearts to each other and #BeKind we can become a gentler nation. So take one #randomactsofkindness today. Kindness is our birthright, our duty Americans and as human beings.

Shalom to our nation, Heather Dune

#worldkindnessday is November 13 – but let’s never too soon to start!


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