75 Years Ago Today – Jan 22, 1945 #Holocaust #History #Liberation

Death March art3 1Death March: Prisoners continue to arrive in German camps and the last columns of prisoners on the death march from Auschwitz arrive in Wodzislaw Slaski–2,223 prisoners that arrive in Buchenwald, after being left in open air freight cars  the night before. Another group of 4,000 prisoners aare transported to Mauthausen but the transport is not accepted by Mauthausen and redirected to Nordhausen—of the 4,000 prisoners on the transport 500 die enroute.

In Birkenau: 80 male and female prisoners attempt to break out of camp at 9:00 a.m. The Wehrmacht fires at them; only ten make it back to camp. The rest are killed. Around midday, another group of male and female prisoners with children attempt to leave camp and an SS man allows them to go to the train station. Several of them reach the town of Oswiecim safely. (Czech 797-798)

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