75 Years Ago Today – Oswiecim, Poland and Auschwitz

What was it like three days before the Russians arrived to liberate Auschwitz and the town of Oswiecim from the occupation of Nazi-Germany? We know that as the Russian front neared, the fighting neared too. The Wehrmacht was shooting prisoners who tried to escape from Birkenau and were still locked inside the camp. Did stray bullets terrorize the town’s people, as well? Was it like Syria or Sarajevo?

It seems so peaceful here now, so hard to imagine… and yet there is no Jewish population left in this town. I am find myself questioning how this town and its people continue to work and live in the shadow of this immense crater of Auschwitz. I am too tired to wax eloquent tonight but I am pondering this thought and others as I explore this town and get to know it and its people better.  Meanwhile, I have posted this on YouTube to show you the town of Oswiecim and the only synagogue left that was not destroyed.


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