20 Feb 1943 – 75 Yrs Ago Today in Auschwitz #Holocaust History – The children of two Jewish scientists are registered in camp

Children in Theresienstadt ghetto, circa 1943. (photo archives www.en.auschwitz.org)

This is a follow up to the Feb 7 blog post: “Dr. Bernard Umschweif’s son, Karol, born on Sept 4, 1937, is assigned No. 103796, and Dr. Jakob Seeman’s son, Bronek, born on Dec. 12, 1932, receives the number 103797. Both boys were sent to Auschwitz with their parents from Lemberg on Feb 7, 1943.

In addition, on this day in history, the Director of the Labor Dept.  sends a report about the Jews transferred from Theresienstadt [concentration camp in the Czech Republic]: “of the 5,022 people who arrived on those transports… [Jan 21, 24, 27 1943] 614 men and 316 women were registered in camp… 4,092 people, including 1,422 men and 2,670 women and children, had been ‘lodged separately’* because of their extreme frailty… The men were between 18 and 40 years of age, the women between 18 and 35 years of age.” *”lodged separately’” is a camouflage term used by the SS for ‘killing’. (Source: Czech, 334)

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