75 Years Ago Today – Jan 22, 1945 #Holocaust #History #Liberation

Death March art3 1Death March: Prisoners continue to arrive in German camps and the last columns of prisoners on the death march from Auschwitz arrive in Wodzislaw Slaski–2,223 prisoners that arrive in Buchenwald, after being left in open air freight cars  the night before. Another group of 4,000 prisoners aare transported to Mauthausen but the transport is not accepted by Mauthausen and redirected to Nordhausen—of the 4,000 prisoners on the transport 500 die enroute.

In Birkenau: 80 male and female prisoners attempt to break out of camp at 9:00 a.m. The Wehrmacht fires at them; only ten make it back to camp. The rest are killed. Around midday, another group of male and female prisoners with children attempt to leave camp and an SS man allows them to go to the train station. Several of them reach the town of Oswiecim safely. (Czech 797-798)

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#Holocaust 75 yrs ago last week: 19,421 men, women and children were gassed…

The transports are so heavy at this point that to blog each one would be overwhelming, so this is a tribute to those transports that arrived in Auschwitz 70 years ago between Jan 13-Jan 21, 1943:

1,000 people from Berlin of which only 127 men are registered;

1498 people from Westerbork of which 98 boys and men, and 126 girls and women are registered;

2,000 from Theresientadt, Czechoslovakia, of which only 254 boys and men, and 164 girls and women are registered;

1,555 from Belgium of which only 387 boys and men, and 81 girls and women are registered;

and 17, 372 Polish Jews, of which only 2,114 boys and men, and 821 girls and women are registered.

(It is interesting that the record is now using the term “boys and men, and girls and women” to remind us that the age of many of these prisoners was 16, the cut off age for entering the camp.  Source: Czech, 304-309)

The weather this week in Prague (the nearest historical weather records from this period) indicate that the average temperature was between -3 c and -12; there were 3 days of snow (the amount is not recorded) and high winds during 2 of those snow days (which were consecutive); there were several days of fog, after the snow storm.

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75 Years Ago Today – Dec 14, 1942 – 263 Days in Auschwitz #Holocaust On this last night of Hanukkah let us

light candles to light the world and remember that our light can alleviate the darkness but only if we commit to living lives free of hatred, which serves no purpose.

70 years ago today, hatred, racism and prejudice reigned : Of the 2,257 men, women and children who arrived in Auschwitz only 701 men were registered in camp (#82866-83566). 1,558 Polish Jewish men, women and children were killed in the gas chambers.


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75 Years Ago Today – Dec. 5 1942 – over 2,000 women were selected to die

Lea and EdithOne of the saddest days in history of women in Auschwitz was the first day of Channukah–Dec 5, 1942–a Saturday.  Edith (#1970) remembers the date because her sister died that day in Block 25, the infamous “infirmary” block that no one escaped from alive.

The historical record reported that 2,000 “mostly healthy young women” were selected to die on St. Nicholas Day–Dec 6, 1942, but it was also the first day of Channukah, the Festival of Lights. Both Edith and Rena (#1716) told me independently of each other that 10,000 women were selected to die on that day. Afterward “Camp was empty” they both used that phrase… Who do we believe? The Nazi’s numbers of the witnesses who walked through the empty camp, bereft.

For Edith this day is engraved in her heart and soul forever. She had visited her sister and found her in a coma then the infirmary block was emptied. She never saw Lea, again.

This past year, we stood in the courtyard of Block 25, took each other’s hands and prayed the Kaddish for Lea Friedman, Pepka Dranger, Adela Gross, Magda and Olinka Hartmann, Magda Amster and the many other girls and women who died in that block whose names we do not know. Our prayer is offered today on the anniversary of so many pointless deaths, 75 years ago today.

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